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"Why did you volunteer for Rangashankara?" I wonder what do I say to that. It had nothing to do with any aspirations of trying to be an actor, writer or a director. No had no intention of hitting on any actress too. No I didn't. The simplest answer I generally give is, I was getting bored and needed to pass my time somehow. But thats certainly not all.

It was for the sheer fun of doing something I was not meant to do, I was not expected to do. About doing something I was not good at but wanted to be. It was about being part of something which was not another trash people ignored. It was about getting a feel of how a theater works. It was about seeing how a whole festival is pieced together from scratch and turned into this magnificent collage of performances from so many different parts of the world. It was about meeting people. People who are so passionate about theater that they don't bother about the fact that they having a hard time making end meet. They are hardly bothered about the fact that they don't have the time to go partying and getting sloshed. Sit with them and they can talk about their work for hours. That certainly never happens in our offices, do they?

The days I spent there, I did all all sorts of work there was to be done. It certainly was something I would like to do and cherish again at some other level. But the whole experience was also a bit about feeling good about myself.

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"girl interrupted".......... said...

it's nice of you to do what you did...but stick onto it...